Louvre Museum – Skip the line Private Tour

Louvre Museum – Skip the line Private Tour
From EUR €249.00
  • Duration: 3 Hours (approx.)
  • Location: Paris

Great news! Our Louvre Museum Private Tours is the first 100% custom tour available - that is a massive difference!

See, there are 35,000 pieces of art and over 800 years of history ready to be explored in one single location. How not to feel overwhelmed and even intimated when coming to the Louvre for the first time in years or first time ever?!

At My Private Paris, we have years of expertise to design the perfect experience at the Louvre wether you want to see the highlights at a glance, get a family-friendly art quest or simply admire masterpieces and hidden gems all at once.

Originally built as a medieval fortress to defend Paris from the English invaders, the Louvre has become a royal residence for centuries before becoming the very first public museum in the world! There are thousands of stories hidden behind every door and we will reveal the most hidden secrets of the palace.